Concealment roomsetConcealment roomset


'Designed to disappear'

Our Infinity Concealment products offer you solutions to conceal blinds and curtain track systems in any type of window, door or skylight.

Infinity Curtain Tracks

Infinity track systems are designed to be recessed into the ceiling to create a totally flush installation. These are available in both motorised and hand/cord operated systems. The unique plaster-in flange enables a seamless installation for even the most discerning clientele.

Infinity Blindbox

Tillys collaborates with the architects and designers to provide specialist boxes and recessed pockets for blinds that are completely concealed within the structure of the building. The Infinity Blindbox systems are designed to be recessed into the ceiling to provide a concealed pocket to house the blind. The unique plaster-in flange and removable cover ensures seamless installation.

Infinity Shadow

Designed to create a preformed lighting shadow gap, this system takes the hassle and worry out of forming a tricky detail on site.  These aluminium profiles can be supplied to any size and in any colour to fit within any parameters or constraints on site.  Your electrician can bring cabling through to the light boxes with ease, providing easy access to the ceiling space for transformers and additional control kit to be concealed.

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